About Trottier et Associés

For over 40 years, Trottier et Associés has provided professional and personalized accounting and tax-related financial advice to a wide array of clients, including
individuals, professionals, businesses and organizations. We have earned our clients’ loyalty through our commitment to meeting the highest standards in our field,
hiring seasoned professionals and tax experts, as well as our strong work ethic.

Our dynamic, engaged and professional team includes four associates and some ten employees. By combining our personnel’s expertise, experience and team spirit, each client
benefits from a thorough analysis of their situation as well as all the attention that they deserve. Our reputation is based on the quality and strength of our interventions
in numerous areas of expertise, encompassing basic accounting as well as more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements and financial planning.

Our mission

Trottier & Associés is a chartered professional accountant corporation whose mission consists in providing quality professional services to businesses as well as self-employed workers. The company’s objective is to develop long-term relationships with its clients and to become an objective, capable and stable source of reference. This relationship should have a basis of trust, something that is essential when asking one’s chartered accountant for advice. Our firm is proud to support and educate our clients regarding the accounting, finance, tax and management sides of a company. Our expertise and personalized knowledge of our clients combined with a network of contacts provides for an unrivalled level of satisfaction which exceeds market standards. Our values provides our clients with a guarantee of accessibility, proactivity and excellence.


The varied and changing needs of entrepreneurs require accessibility, availability and flexibility. At Trottier & Associés, accessibility and quick reactions are an integral part of the service we provide. The firm is known for its availability and our eagerness to listen to our clients, be they companies or self-employed workers.


Businesses are facing, as the years go by, an increasingly complex number of requirements, regulations and challenges. Our associates are well aware of this and want to be there to support both companies and self-employed workers. The associates, their collaborators and their employees are convinced that the best way of taking care of their clients’ well-being is to take a proactive approach, making recommendations to quickly meet their expectations. Trottier & Associés’ attention to detail as well as ingenuity allows them to provide a level of proactivity that exceeds industry standards.


The business, accounting and taxation worlds are evolving at breakneck speed. This is why our firm prides itself on providing a very high level of professional service excellence. The ongoing training of our associates and our employees allows us to provide impeccable service. Updating and adding to our knowledge are priorities to ensure that Trottier & Associés can identify opportunities to improve its service offering to propose new opportunities to its clients.